Once you create a free account you can start inviting other people to join the community as a Worker and/or Hirer using your unique URL. This will be visible at the top of every page with a simple Add This function to share it via facebook, twitter, email etc

You will be allocated £5 for every Worker and £20 for every Hirer that you invite into the Skills Hive that goes on to upgrade to a paid subscription. In order to get paid you just need to have upgraded your own account. It’s that simple.

Set up your free account via the Join Us sign up form and start to build a Worker or Hirer profile

Tell people about Skills Hive using your unique Swarm! URL via email or your favourite Social Media sites using the Add This function accessible from the top of every page of the website

Monitor the responses of people joining and upgrading via your “My Account” page. There is a handy graph that tells you how it’s going.

Once you have reached a balance of £20 earned, payment will be triggered to your PayPal account, but only if you have upgraded to a Worker or Hirer Subscription.