Need Skills?

Create virtual teams of workers who are ready to complete tasks for you whenever an opportunity or problem arises. Propose, define and allocate tasks managing them through to completion quickly and efficiently.

Joining the Hive is quick and simple -
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Your Skills Hive Journey

Once you have registered as a new Hirer in the Skills Hive...

You can create a Hirer profile in the Hive and start to populate it with key information about yourself.

Find the people with the skills and talents you need, select by experience, hourly rate and their personal video profiles then group them into virtual teams, by skill, project, location or whatever works for you.

As soon as you upgrade your account to a paid Hirer subscription and become a full member of the Skills Hive...

You can start to create tasks and propose them to suitable members of your virtual teams.

Team members can provide feedback via our messaging system to help you refine the task definition. When you are happy with it you can decide which Worker to assign the task to and establish a Contract of Work.

Once they have accepted the defined task, and its associated milestones, you can manage progress using our unique task management tools...

These tools will make it easy to monitor activities to get the task completed on time and on budget.

You will be able to review the outputs and provide feedback to your Worker before signing off on the completed work and paying them via our PayPal integration.

Invite others into the Skills Hive and start earning NOW!

Once you create a free account you can start inviting other people to join the community as a Worker and/or Hirer using your unique URL.  This will be visible at the top of every page with a simple Add This function to share it via facebook, twitter, email etc

You will be allocated £5 for every Worker and £20 for every Hirer that you invite into the Skills Hive that goes on to upgrade to a paid subscription. In order to get paid you just need to have upgraded your own account. It’s that simple.


Service Fee Cost Description Benefit
Hirer Standard Always Free Create a profile and search for skills
  • Find Workers with the Skills you need
  • Start to build and organise Virtual Teams
  • Get peace of mind from knowing they will be there whenever you need them
Hirer Premium Currently Free Upgrade to our annual subscription so you can ....
  • Create and define tasks
  • Allocate to team members
  • Manage milestones
  • Track performance
  • Unlock your Swarm! payments
  • Enhance your profile with
    • Video
    • Skype Me
    • Twitter lD link
    • Links to your blog
Hirer Task Management Tools Subscription Currently Free Task Tools are optional but make managing your Skills Hive activity really simple. You only pay the monthly fee when you have live Tasks THE TOOLS ARE CURRENTLY FREE TO USE AND CHARGES ARE NOT DUE TO BE INTRODUCED UNTIL SUMMER 2013 - YOUR FIRST TASK WILL ALWAYS INCLUDE FREE ACCESS TO THE TOOLS

(all prices are inclusive of VAT at the UK Standard Rate)