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Page Icon/Feature Description
Home Page Click here to get back to the Skills Hive Home page from any other page in the site
Click here on any page to read the latest blog post and join the discussion
Share this with friends as a link via email and social media and earn money for inviting people into the Hive
This link to the search function is accessible at the top of every page and elsewhere on the site to help hirers build a virtual team and find suitable workers during the task creation process
Cogs are used to represent tasks in various forms be it creating, proposing, receiving or reviewing
Depending on where you see this icon it can take you to your own profile or that of another worker or hirer. If there is a number next to it, that tells you how many times your worker profile has been viewed
This is your opportunity to access extra features, enhance your profile and start to create or receive tasks by subscribing via PayPal
Dashboards The speech bubble represents our messaging system found within the task management system. If it has numbers next to it, that is how many new messages you have relating to the task
Click on the arrows to reveal or hide summary information for tasks
Any time you see a plus sign you can get creative, create a virtual team to add workers to or create a task proposal by editing one of our templates. When you see it on a worker profile click there to add them to a team, they will first go into your "uncategorised" bank then you can drag and drop the worker into other teams in your dashboard
Add workers to your virtual teams searching by skill and reviewing profiles to find the right people
Click on the cross to delete the profile from your team
If it becomes impossible to proceed with or complete the task it can be cancelled by the hirer
If you need to discuss a task in more detail you can call a worker or a hirer by clicking on the Skype Me button and having a face to face conversation
When you are happy that you have completed a milestone as a worker hit this button
As a hirer you can sign off the milestone by clicking on the same icon
If you are not happy that a milestone has been completed click on the reset button and provide some guidance so that the worker can meet the brief
When you have named a virtual team or completed some other edit you may need to click on the floppy disk icon to save the changes
Click on this icon to make changes to some text for example in a task field such as description or objectives