Got Skills?

Create a shop window for your skills that presents you as an individual with a personality and a unique style of working.
Manage dynamic elements such as video and upload examples of your work to keep your profile relevant and engaging.

Joining the Hive is quick and simple -
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Your Skills Hive Journey

As soon as you have joined the Hive as a "newbee" and set up a basic account...

You can start to populate your Worker profile with key information about yourself.

We will keep track of how many people view your profile so you can gauge interest.

Once you upgrade your account as a Worker and become a full member of the Skills Hive...

You unlock loads of additional profile features including video uploads and the ability to showcase your work, now you can receive Task proposals from Hirers.

If you feel the Task could be set out more clearly, you and the other Workers contacted can suggest changes to refine the requirements including input to milestones, timeframe and cost.

When you and the Hirer are happy with the Task you can officially accept the definition and wait to see if you are awarded the Task by the Hirer

The Task Management Tools make it easy for you to communicate progress against the Task Milestones.

At the end of the Task you and the Hirer can share learning points and feedback, this will trigger payment to your PayPal account as agreed in the Defined Task.

Invite others into the Skills Hive and start earning NOW!

Once you create a free account you can start inviting other people to join the community as a Worker and/or Hirer using your unique URL.  This will be visible at the top of every page with a simple Add This function to share it via facebook, twitter, email etc

You will be allocated £5 for every Worker and £20 for every Hirer that you invite into the Skills Hive that goes on to upgrade to a paid subscription. In order to get paid you just need to have upgraded your own account. It’s that simple.


Service Fee Cost Description Benefit
Worker Standard AlwaysFree Create a profile and start to Swarm! Raise awareness of who you are and what you do. Invite others to the Hive and start to earn immediately
Worker Subscription Currently Free Upgrade to our annual subscription so you can ....
  • Get Hired!
  • Unlock your Swarm! Payments
  • Enhance your profile with
    • Video
    • Examples of work
    • Links to your blog
    • Skype Me
    • Twitter lD link
Worker Share In Success 10% of earnings When you are allocated a task and complete it successfully there is a 10% Share in Success fee applied as a monthly invoice against earnings. THIS FEE IS CURRENTLY BEING WAIVED AND IS NOT DUE TO BE INTRODUCED UNTIL SUMMER 2013

(all prices are inclusive of VAT at the UK Standard Rate)