About Us

Welcome to Skills Hive –

A place where businesses can come to grow and get things done quickly by managing a virtual team of workers.

It is also a place where workers can manage their work life balance by promoting their skills to secure frequent, shorter term, task based work that they can schedule around life’s other commitments and priorities.

Our Mission

We want to make it easy for you as a business to...

  • Be as agile as possible when responding to the opportunities you identify

  • Scale up your teams so you can compete with bigger businesses

  • Find the skills you need when you need them and access the right person for the task without the need for a lengthy recruitment process

  • Manage the people in your virtual team in a simple and efficient way using the tools in the Skills Hive

We also want to make it simple for you as a talented person looking to take control of your working life to...

  • Avoid the boom and bust of traditional contracting by managing task level work

  • Present yourself as an individual, adding your personality to the way you pitch your talents

  • Develop your network of contacts and find people you can collaborate with to secure more work

  • Constantly refine the way you work based on feedback from clients that you can really use and learn from

How it Works

To get started just register and start to build your profile as a Worker or Hirer or both, then browse the other profiles and start to get a feel for who else is in the Hive. Once you have activated your membership you can then start to either issue tasks as a Hirer or receive tasks as a Worker.

When you issue or receive a task you will be able to discuss and finalise the details before agreeing on the terms.

The Skills Hive system will enable the tasks to be managed from both a Hirer and Worker perspective so that everyone is able to stay in touch with progress throughout. Payment will be made via our secure PayPal integration.

Services will evolve based on the needs of the user base, communication is key to realising the potential of Skills Hive as an ideas hub so we will be looking to stimulate the debate through our blog, social media channels and other contact with you the members.

What’s in it for you?

So as you can see Skills Hive helps you as a Hirer to:

  • Find talent when you need it

  • Manage tasks through to completion, payment and feedback

  • Create virtual teams to realise opportunities

And it helps you as a Worker to:

  • Promote yourself as an individual with unique talents not just standard skills

  • Manage workloads at task level to take control of that work life balance

  • Network and collaborate to develop new propositions and secure more work

The Timeline

The current website is designed for you to register your interest and provide your thoughts and comments on how you would like to see the Skills Hive work. The next version will include a more complex and versatile profile system and we will be scheduling quarterly version releases to upgrade the community tools and management system.

About The Directors

With a long career as a freelance IT professional Mark Williams understands the needs of freelancers and hirers and problems that can arise in the established contracting model.

Having built HR systems for the major UK banks and Project Management solutions for leading international corporations Mark is now creating a unique task management system within the Skills Hive.

After 10 years as a sales and marketing professional managing virtual teams to help businesses develop their commercial strategies (from major corporations to .com start-ups), Mike Orchard knows how to marry up skills with needs to deliver a revenue opportunity and communicate the benefits of a solution.

The network of business contacts Mike has built over the years will really help to create a buzz about Skills Hive across many industry sectors.