Hirer Resources

Self Development



Create your very own Johari Window - map your personality awareness and compare your view with those of your friends colleagues and clients.



Delve deeper into yourself to find out more about what makes 
you tick by completing a Personality Net online questionnaire


Understand how you prefer to learn, are you Visual, a Listener or more Hands On? Take the Test!





Take your pick from the seemingly endless stream of inspirational presentations on the TED Talks website



Try a few "Mental Vitamins" from Michael Finnegan and start to turn the impossible into the innevitable with i2i










Using a number of different Social Media channels can get complicated and time consuming, Social Oomph helps streamline the processes involved


If you need to give access to a number of Social Media accounts to a wider team Hoot Suite is great. It also includes superb analytics and the user interface is excellent


There are plenty of email marketing systems out there, a good place to start is with the iContact Freemium account


Video is fast becoming an essential online communication tool and is now affordable to most. We worked with Madfish Media to produce our "how it works" content.



Keeping your accounts and expenses in order has never been so easy, xero.com is a great system for any size business


Everyone needs to consider the impact they have on the environment, have a go at this carbon calculator and think about what you could do to reduce your carbon footprint

You may even want to look into investing in Solar Power for your home or office, there are some great government backed initiatives at the moment